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The Ramona Bar Association is a nonprofit organization made up of attorneys who live in and maintain offices in Ramona, Poway and the San Diego Back Country. The attorneys of the Ramona Bar Association practice in a diverse array of fields of law and have a wide range of experience. Members are committed to representing individuals and business located in Ramona, Poway and Julian and nearby areas referred to as the San Diego back country. In addition to providing legal services to the community of Ramona and the surrounding areas of San Diego County, the RBA is dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of legal ethics among its membership, and providing for the continuing legal education of its members. On the first Saturday of each month, the Ramona Bar Association provides a free legal clinic.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a part of the Ramona Bar Association:
1. Members are a congenial and social group readily willing to share information and resources;
2. You enjoy a presence on the RBA web site, with the resulting exposure and outreach to the public;
3. Social events and gathering throughout the year;
4. The RBA publicizes its membership and endeavors to insure that the public is aware of the depth of legal talent available locally in the San Diego Back Country;
5. The monthly RBA Free Legal Clinics provide a source of potential referral for all the members of the RBA.

Dues are presently $45/year, plus additional costs depending upon your chosen presence on the RBA web site. Contact the Ramona Bar Association President for more information:
Bob Krysak